A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held via teleconference starting on 8 August, 2013, 10am CST. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.


Old Business

Trademark Review

Final copy to be published before DjangoCon.

Travel Assistance Committee

Lynn Root accepted the committee chair. Thirteen people received financial aid from thirty-two applicants. Board allocated, $3,000. Another $500 was requested and approved. Holdenweb also allocated $10,000 in complementary tickets to DjangoCon.

Django website

Possible designer found.

Malcolm Tredinnick fund

Draft circulated.

General Code of Conduct

Board and community formally accepted the Code of Conduct. A committee was formed to oversee.


Sprint allocation budget requested. Russell to follow up. The Django Software Foundation to meet with Steve Holden at DjangoCon to discuss the 2014 conference.

Business done since last meeting

Annual financial report

No progress due to Andy leaving for another meeting.

NuoDB licensing of DB backend

Relicensed after being approached by the Django Software Foundation.


A grandfathering of an existing site outside of the new trademark guidelines under consideration.

New Business

No new business.

Next meeting

12th September 2013, 9am CDT

To add agenda to the board next meeting, please contact the board.

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