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Our main focus is direct support of Django's developers. This means:

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Django Fellowship Program

The biggest expense of the DSF is the Django Fellowship program. It's a project where paid contractors are engaged to manage some of the administrative and community management tasks of the Django project to support rapid development of Django itself.

The Django Fellowship program has a major positive impact on how Django is developed and maintained. The Django Fellows triage 10-15 new tickets each week and review and merge around fifteen non-trivial patches a week from the community. Release blocking and severe bugs aren't postponed indefinitely. Major releases happen according to an 8 month schedule and bug fix releases occur monthly.

For more details, you can read retrospectives for the first three months of the program, 2015, and 2016.

The Django Fellows are a resource to help review patches and contributions from the community, and the community loves that:

As a long time contributor to Django, I’m extremely happy to see how the fellowship empowered all contributors and leveraged their work. The development of Django was stunningly smooth, fast and efficient during the last three months. 1.8 alpha was released on schedule, which was unheard of until then. 1.8 is shaping up to be a great release.

Fellows guided the first steps of novice contributors — who may have seen their initiatives ignored otherwise. They took patches through as many review rounds as needed, relentlessly teaching Django’s guidelines and principles — where a hurried core developer may have simply made whatever changes they wanted, committed and moved on. They provided feedback on patches written by experienced contributors or core developers — allowing quick merges without shunting the review process.

I’m especially grateful to Tim Graham who reviewed within a day every pull request I submitted for my multiple template engines project. Without his constant help, I couldn’t have made the deadline for 1.8 without jeopardizing quality.

Thanks to the faster turnaround on reviews, not only did the fellowship program solve most pain points of Django’s contribution process, but it also increased quality. I hope we can resume it shortly and make it sustainable!

Aymeric Augustin, Django Core Developer

If you use Django on a daily basis and care about the development of Django itself, you should donate today (may be tax deductible). Only with your support can we make sure that the Web framework you base your work on can grow to be even better in the coming years.

Django Girls Outreach

Supporting Django Girls workshops is a significant priority for the Django Software Foundation. Django Girls workshops are organized by volunteers and are provided as free events for women who want to learn to code. The workshop serves as an introduction to Python and Django, where attendees learn usable skills to build their first web app.

Django Girls workshop attendees go on to organize their own workshops, lead in their community, and secure full-time jobs as developers. Read their stories in the “Your Django Story” series on the Django Girls blog.

In 2015, the Django Software Foundation contributed $5,400 to eighteen Django Girls workshops around the world. Here's what some of the organizers had to say about the impact:

Sponsorship from the DSF allowed us to have on-site child care for our Django Girls Portland workshop. We hosted 2 young children and an infant, and provided them with healthy snacks, games, sidewalk chalk, finger paint, and emoji stickers. Without our nanny, 3 of our attendees wouldn't have been able to come to the workshop. Finger paint photo is on the blog!

Lacey - Portland, Oregon, US

The DSF supported Django Girls Poland four times this year and the impact was enormous! In Poland, diversity awareness is not a very common topic. When we approached different local companies about our workshops they usually didn't get what we were actually doing and why it is important. If not for the DSF, we probably would not have been able to hold our workshops at all. Our first workshops were the only until now workshops that were 100% female - female only coaches and female only attendees. Thanks to you, we were able to focus on gathering female mentors instead of searching for sponsors!

Ania - Wrocław, Poland

Django Girls Seoul had 425 applicants from 11 different countries ages ranging from 16 to 50 years old. After acceptances, we had about 105 people to feed and caffeinate! Thanks to Django's sponsorship we could get all of our participants coffee for the day. It really made a huge difference because we all know how a cup of coffee can change the atmosphere and mood! We were so grateful to the sponsorship we received from abroad. We tried to get sponsorship from a lot of Korean companies but the same generosity doesn't translate well into a Korean Business culture, I guess. This made us even more thankful for our friends at the DSF!

Rachell - Seoul, South Korea

DSF Supporters

Our donors make our work possible! We are incredibly grateful for the financial support from the following individuals and organizations in our community.

Platinum Corporate Members ($30,000+)

Our platinum corporate members include organizations of ~500 people.

Gold Corporate Members ($12,500+)

Our gold corporate members include organizations of ~200 people.

Silver Corporate Members ($5,000+)

Our silver corporate members include organizations of ~50 people.

Bronze Corporate Members ($2,000+)

Our bronze corporate members include organizations of ~10 people.

In-kind donors

These donors help with significant non-cash contributions.

Andrew Francis provided the badges for our donors.
Rackspace provides servers for our infrastructure.
Sentry provides error monitoring for our infrastructure.
Fastly provides the content delivery network for
OSUOSL provides additional servers for our infrastructure.
SysEleven provides additional servers for our infrastructure.

Leaders ($1,000+)

Leadership-level donors contribute $1,000 or more in a calendar year.


Our donor roll for all donations made in the last 365 days.

Ken Arneson
Bors LTD
Keith Bussell
Allan Tenenbaum
David Reguera
Alessandro Pappalettera
Dominique Bischof
Marissa Pang
Omar Ghoneim
Sebastian Bustamante
Tomonori Fujiwara
Bryan Mullin
Christian Lange
El Gocho
Faisal Alquaddoomi
Hamza Bawumia
Jordon Taylor
Milan Vlasák
Scott Pashley
Taymon A. Beal
Mathieu Dupuy
Paweł Paszenda
Brian Gonzalez
Illinois State University, Mennonite College of Nursing
Nguyen Tuan
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