A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held via teleconference starting on 24th July, 2014, 9am CST. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.


Old Business

Foundation tax status

Next deadline is in September, 180 days after filing for our reinstatement. Joseph is determining if a 990N still needs to be filed. The board felt that with uncertain tax status, the Django fellow should be delayed. Mozilla grants being researched for the fellow.

Djangoproject.com web design update

Due to lack of volunteers, a quote has been received from a designer for $5,300 USD. It would take about 2 months to produce a working prototype which will still need to be integrated. Board approved designers quote and approved the commencement of work.

Django Pony

Board discussed if the DSF should license the "Pony". Board decided to point out in the FAQ that the Pony is not a trademark of the DSF and where it can be licensed appropriately. Board approved adding the FAQ.

Invoice for PythonAnywhere

Membership did not get processed, next month.

DjangoGirls payments

All processed.

Business done during month

Django REST Framework Kickstarter

Kickstarter campaign from Tom Christie for Django REST Framework. Request for DSF to make a donation of approx. $425 USD (£250). Approved by the board.

Promotional material

FAQ added to the trademarks documentation by Russell, to provide clarifications about promotional material.

Getting started with Django

"Getting started with Django" is the name of an upcoming book by Packt. A complaint was made to the board that this conflicted with some pre-existing material. Communication to be sent by Russell on behalf of the board.

New Business

Media Temple

Invoice sent by Media Temple, for $695 a month, to be paid before August 1st. Media Temple used to provide free hosting. Rackspace have offered free hosting and the website team will move djangoproject.com to those servers.

It was suggested we pay a month or two of Media Temple so we have breathing room to complete the transition. Board approved paying the bill.

DjangoCon US

Noted that DjangoCon US 2014 was getting lower than expected turnout. Board discussed many options and details surrounding the event, including having other organizers get involved.

It was proposed that PostgreSQL Experts, lead by Christophe Pettus, could be able to take on this conference and the subsequent 2015, 2016 conferences. Would also agree to performance criteria such as ticket prices, website ready date etc in a contract. Board did not approve that change in organization.

Next meeting

28th August 2014, 9am CST

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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