A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on Feb 5, 2015. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.


Old Business

DjangoCon 2015

DEFNA is the name of the non-profit. Russell reported site is being ready. Venue not finalised. Reaching out to sponsors.


Company contacted, but no reply. Russell to follow up.

Django Certification

No desire to pursue this, due to costs and legal liability.

Code of conduct

Most of the committee requested to step down. Call for volunteers to elect a new committee. Suggested that we aim for more diversity, Ola to look for a few ideas.

Fellowship program

Funding campaign was successful. Board thanked Ola, Jannis and the community involved in helping get funding. Russell to do blog post and get the ball rolling with hiring a fellow. Ola working on setting up recurring payments on the website.

Jannis noted that a few credit cards are failing. Discussed possibility of swift. Since we have Paypal was suggested we add the Paypal donate button.

Amazon Smile set up. Stacey in the process of signing us up for Benevity.

Board confirmed there is no interest in advertising on djangoproject.com.

New Business


Suggested we have a subscription to share password for DSF and ops services. Jannis to make a list of things we need to do this.

Savings and Freshbooks

Stacey suggested moving money from chequing account to a savings account. Barclays will offer 1.0%. Approved by the board.

Would also like to move from Xero to Freshbooks. $20 vs $30 a month with no limits on invoices. Will export Xero data to Dropbox. Approved by the board.

Grants committee

We have enough people to put together a committee. There was much rejoicing.

DjangoVillage grant

Discussed getting Florian from Austria to Italy for the conference.

DjangoGirls PyCon US

Requested $1,000 USD grant. 51 students in total, costs are quite high. Approved by the board.

DjangoGirls Perth

Request $300 AUD (or USD? not clear). Co-event with Rails Girls in the same venue. Approved by the board.

Business done during the month


Removed Jacobs credit card and new card added.

New members

Corporate: CrypticoCorp (payment pending), Digital Cheetah Solutions, OddBird. Expression of interest: FusionBox, OPW.

Next meeting

5th March

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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