A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on June 10, 2015. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.



Old Business

DjangoCon US

Russell updated the board on the status. 164 talks proposed, 30% from women. Starting to think about 2016 and move to a campus model away from hotels.

DjangoCon EU

2015 a roaring success. Russell wrote a blog post for 2016 organisers. One appliction for 2016 for Budapest from Baptiste. Sounds like a well developed application with a good team. When ready the board will have to have a contract offering the name DjangoCon.

Grants Committee

Proposal from last meeting approved by Jannis and Ola. Russell had some specific questions on details.

Diversity statement

Draft diversity statement approved by the board. Russell to put together a blog post.

Code of Conduct

Confidential issue being dealt with and email prepared and approved by the board. Jannis praised the work of the Code of Conduct committee.

Shirt Campaigns

A few concerns over quality and shipping costs and shipping availability to some countries. Suggested to do another run of t-shirts using Teespring. Approved by the board.

Current payouts from t-shirts: about $7,000 USD from Fabrily and $2,000 USD from DjangoCon US.

Invoice from designer received and payment sent.

Django Birthday

Previously request $2,000 USD for a for profit activity. Of any profits from the event, 75% would go to the organisers.

Concerns that DSF funds should be focused on outreach and not the core focus of this event. Suggested that we could provide financial aid for some speakers, in the order of $1,000 USD. Russell to propose this to the organisers.


Sprints for adding recurring revenue, basically done, pull requests to merge.

New Business


Australia, tied to DjangoCon AU. $300 USD approved by the board.

EuroPython, asking for financial aid. $300 USD approved by the board.

Wrocław, Poland. $300 USD approved by the board.

Brasil, a combined PyCon and DjangoGirls event in October. Expecting about 300 people. Sponsorship requested 4,500 BRL (~$1,500 USD). This is also their closest DjangoCon. $700 USD approved by the board.

Trademark re-registration

The Django trademark in the US is due for re-registration. Andy will apply for re-registration, deadline June 2016. Django mobile is a brand in Europe, perhaps we should look into a European or International Trademark.

Grants committe

Proposed hand over of chair to Anna Ossowski. Approved by the board.


Request for merchandise for purchase. There's many options that are being investigated by the board and others.


Peter Inglesby offered to run it. Its main purpose is allow tax free donations in the UK and get a government bonus. Concerns over maintenance, we'll see how it goes for DjangoGirls first.

DjangoCon US website

Steve Holden assisting in moving old DjangoCon US sites over to the DSF for long term maintenance. Happens on June 11th.

Business done during the month

Form 1023

Requested by a researcher and sent to them. Website updated to say it can be requested, which is a legal requirement.

Django trademark violation

DjangoJobs.net, this was ok.

DjangoGigs, had a compliance issue which has been addressed.

Djangoteam, had a violation and have been responsive in dealing with. Also contacted about spamming.

Divio donation

Confirmed corporate donation, with thanks.

Next meeting

8th July

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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