A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on December 14th, 2015. Russell Keith-Magee led the meeting.



Observers of the new board

Old Business


Welcome new people! Thank you to those departing! Proposed that we accept the new members as voted by the membership. Approved by the board.

Trademark re-registration

Andy reported that almost done, but halted due to credit card issues. Should be done shortly.

Grants committee

Russell reports that a new chair has been elected, but not had a chance to meet. Everything is in place except the application process.

Heroku usage

From November: “Jacob currently paying $175, not sure if that’s personal or not. Russell to follow that one up.” The money can come out of Heroku’s marketing budget, so if we put some link to Heroku that would be nice.


Andrew Godwins bid was successful for sockets and $150k USD was awarded. Stacey working with Andrew on how to transfer the money. Mozilla currently undecided on a bid from Tom on DRF.

Code of Conduct

Discussion about a way to allow conference organisers to get integrated with the Code of Conduct in a way that allows them to vet speakers without having to get involved in the details.

Comments in dsf-members about detailing what the Code of Conduct committee do on a regular basis.

New Business

Django Girls Barcelona

Suggested we fund at the standard $300 USD level, approved by the board.

Django Girls Bangalor

Suggested we fund at the standard $300 USD level, approved by the board.

Django Girls Oslo

Suggested we fund at the standard $300 USD level, approved by the board.

Django Girls Lagos

Suggested we fund at the standard $300 USD level, approved by the board.

PyCon Namibia at Windhoek

$300 USD won't help too much, mostly looking for help to fly people to the conference. Looking for ~$2048 USD for plane tickets. Suggested $1000 USD, approved by the board.

PyCon Phillipines

Have sponsored in the past. Entry level: $500 USD, 250-300 person event, largely student driven and outsourcing community. Ola reported that it sounds good, often a Django keynoting and good community. Approved by the board for $500 USD.

PyCon Namibia

Request is for ~$724 USD, approved by the board.

PyCon Taiwan

800 person event, entry level sponsorship is $1,000 USD. Requested something at a smaller level or Django specific.


Request by Adrienne to design badges for sponsors of the DSF, providing them with a way to show their support. Approved by the board.

Suggested new corporate membership program:

Platinum: Large corporations and foundations are invited to join at the Platinum level with a donation of $100,000.

Gold: Medium-sized businesses, established ISVs, and other mid-range companies are directed towards our Gold level, which starts at $25,000.

Silver: Independent consultancies, sole proprietorships, and other small businesses are invited to join at the Silver level, which starts at $5,000.

Organizations that are unable to join at the above levels are invited to consider making a one-time or recurring gift totaling 1,000K or more on our Fundraising page (link). With this gift, you will be recognized as a Leadership-level donor on our main fundraising page.

Karen asked what is happening about members in the past? For example, people who aren’t sponsor will go into a “Past sponsors” bucket.

New levels approved by the board.

DSF Fellowship money running out. December bill for Tim is paid from DSF general pool of money. Fundraising is on the way, but we probably won’t be able to fundraise enough to for January bill. Question to the new board to approve Tim’s bill for January. Approved by the new board (Frank, Daniele, James).

New DSF Members to approve

Both approved by the board.


Russell requested Andy to do a 2015 review, detailing finances; publishing minutes on the website.

DjangoCon US update

Russell reported DEFNA prices are 30% cheaper than last year. Prices approved by the board.

DjangoCon Europe update

Contract signed with the DSF, rest is proceeding.

Next meeting

Date undecided in January

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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