A regular meeting of the Django Software Foundation Board of Directors was held on February 11th, 2016. Frank Wiles led the meeting.


Old Business

Board conflict affirmations

Received from Frank, Daniele. James should be done soon.

Mozilla Grant

Christophe reported money in progress, but held up due to internal process at Mozilla. Not expected to be an issue.

Rackspace charge

Christophe reported the unexpected charge for hosting from Rackspace has been sorted and refund issued to the DSF.

Amazon Book

An issue with a book on amazon. The board was contacted and asked that they request the author to not be the Django Software Foundation and denote that purchasing does not benefit the DSF. Board agreed to contact the creator of the entry on Amazon.

New Business


Board was asked to confirm that they are happy with Tim to continue as the Django fellow in perpetuity as per the wishes of the previous board: “we intend the position to be ongoing - the successful applicant (or applicants) will have the position of Fellow until they choose to step down” as per blog post.

Board confirmed this and has no intention to put out a request for fellows.

Django Girls Florence

First for Florence, second for Italy. April 15-17th, close to Pycon Italy. No specific amount requested: suggested $300 USD. Approved by the board.

Sponsor Python Nordeste

In North East Brazil and recommended by Danny Greenfeld. Suggested at $250 USD. Approved by the board.

Discussion on currency transfers

Started by Christophe and raised point that at these small amounts a high fee can really affect the amount an organisation recieves. The board normally assumes that the recipient is going to pay the fees. Suggested that we should use PayPal wherever possible since it has the lowest fees and that the board should consider paying the fees.


Ongoing group that promotes Python and Django in California. Working with 100 kids for a mentorship program in some of the poorest areas of Columbia. Frank and Karen wanted more information about what they were doing and what specifically they wanted the money for.

Travel grant

Discussion of an issues with Curtis Maloney and DjangoCon where he missed an early bird ticket. Attendance wasn't possible at the full rate, but also wasn't given a speaker slot which would have given cheaper ticket. The problem wasn't created by the board and it was felt that this was a one-off situation best handled by DjangoCon. DjangoCon issued him a ticket at early bird prices.


Manuel Kaufmann requested $1,000 USD to help support Argentina Python group. An on going group who help and to support people who use Python in Argentina. Including funding for three DjangoGirls events:

  • Piura (Peru)
  • Lima (Peru)
  • Mendonza (Argentina)

Suggested fund at the $900 USD. Approved by the board.

DjangoCon Europe

Proposal received from Nephila. Frank will need to review it and would like to wait till the end of the 2016 conference to see if there are other proposals. Frank also raised concern about DjangoCon being run by a for profit company.

Question from Christophe if the disbursment for travel grants can be done in advance. Suggested that it should be by specific request instead of by default, the grants committee can nominate people who should be in advance.

Earth Class Mail

Andy has to get a notarised form to collect the mail.

New Corporate Members

  1. OpBeat
  2. ChameleonJohn Coupons
  3. PostgreSQL Experts

These new members were approved by the board.

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct issue was discussed, but the minutes were not tracked.

Business done during month

Django Australia grant

A grant of $1,900 AUD was approved by the board.

Next meeting

10th March

To add agenda to the boards next meeting, please contact the board.

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