Code of Conduct requirement

The Django Software Foundation exists, in part, to support and promote the interests of the community, including sponsorship of events. We aim to steward spending in a way that would make the membership proud to support the community.

Mutual respect and courtesy among attendees is required for a healthy community. The Python and Django communities have been active in addressing these issues, but it is still a pressing issue.

As of the January 9, 2013 board meeting, the Django Software Foundation will only give financial aid to events that adopt a Code of Conduct.

The Foundation requires a Code which includes general protections and a clear system for reporting and accountability. The DSF suggests this template (created by The Ada Initiative and wiki contributors under the CC0 license) as a starting point. The PyCon Code shows a concrete example derived from the template.

The DSF encourages the larger open source community to adopt a similar policies regarding Codes of Conduct. We're all responsible for building the communities we want to live in, and ensuring that our community events are open and inclusive is one small step towards this goal. Back to Top