DSF Individual Membership FAQ

More information and frequently-asked questions about becoming an Individual Member of the DSF.

To apply, please fill out this form.

What qualifies someone for membership?

In a nutshell, the DSF wants to see “material” contributions to the DSF’s mission of developing or promoting Django, protecting the framework’s long-term viability, and/or advancing the state of the art in web development. This is deliberately broad and inclusive: we want to allow as broad a definition of “contribution” as possible – including, critically, contributions to the community as well as code contributions. But we do want those contributions to be “material”: we don’t believe that minimal, one-off efforts should qualify someone for membership.

We’re looking for contributions that are substantial or sustained (or both). So a single high-impact contribution (e.g. organizing a DjangoCon or contributing a major chunk of code), or many smaller contributions over a long period of time (e.g. consistently answering questions on the Django forum or Discord, or many small bug fixes over a longer time period).

If you’re not sure: please apply anyway! We generally try to err on the side of saying “yes”.

Since the precise line is hard to define, here are some examples of things that generally do and do not qualify for membership:

Examples of contributions that do qualify for membership:

This isn’t an exhaustive list, there will be things that qualify that aren’t on this list. It’s just a set of common examples.

Examples of contributions that do not qualify for membership:

Can I nominate someone else for membership?

Yes, please do!

In fact, nominations are one of the key ways we’re looking to grow membership. We tend to quickly approve nominations by existing members – it’s a sort of “web of trust” thing. If you believe that someone you know qualifies to be a member, please nominate them! We’ll tend to trust your judgment.

What does it mean to be a "member"?

DSF membership recognizes substantial contributions to the Django community. Think of it as a virtual “thank you” card from the DSF and the Django community.

Membership also gives you some special privileges:

We have plans to make this list of benefits longer over time. We’ve thought about special members-only swag (stickers, shirts, etc.), discounts on tickets to Django events, members-only online presentations or discussions, etc. etc. To be clear: this is all super-speculative right now, but we really hope we’ll be able to pull some of that off.

Do I need to keep contributing to keep my membership?

I mean, we really hope you will, but no. Once you’re a member, it’s a lifetime recognition.

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