DSF Board monthly meeting, December 16, 2020

The meeting was led by Frank Wiles.

Board members in attendance were:

Also in attendance were:



USD $149,123.00

Individual members approved

Corporate members approved

Ongoing business

2021 DSF Election

New board members for 2021 elected: -Aaron Bassett -Anna Makarudze -Chaim Kirby -Kátia Nakamura -Mfon Eti-mfon -William Vincent -Žan Anderle

Django Core Developer page

PR ready

Django Core spreadsheet

Continued review

Malcolm award

Ken Whitesell selected as the 2020 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize recipient.

New business

2021 Board officer selection

-Anna (President) -Aaron (Vice President) -Will (Treasurer) -Chaim (Secretary)

DjangoCon Europe Domain transfer

Approved plan and payment to transfer control of the DjangoCon Europe domain to German Django association.

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