DSF Board monthly meeting, January 9, 2020

The meeting was led by Frank Wiles.

Board members in attendance were:

Also in attendance were:



USD $168,174.00

Grants approved

Individual members approved

Corporate members approved

Ongoing business

Dissolving core

James got eaten by work + holidays; going to start voting in core soon.

Django usage survey

A draft has been written.

Google Patch Rewards

$30,000 available for security related improvements to open-source. django-developers discussion. James will check in with appropriate people.

Membership system RFP

No update. The Board is proposing ideas to get this moving.


Store is up now and linked at Threadless: https://django.threadless.com. Will did sample order to confirm. Can add new designs such as from PyConAU 19, etc.


No update.

New business

Documentation Fellows

Discuss idea of Doc Fellow, 3 month pilot for part-time contractor to tackle homepage, documentation, contribution guide, etc. Will/Carlton discussed. Call for proposals? Next steps?

GitHub sponsorship

Want to get clarification on some issues, especially: What information do we get on who’s contributing through it? Do we have the ability to refuse a donation if we feel it’s a person/entity the DSF shouldn’t be accepting funding from? We will soft-launch for a short time to see how it works.

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