DSF Board monthly meeting, March 14, 2024

The meeting was led by Katie McLaughlin.

Board members in attendance were:

Also in attendance were:



USD $249,542.00

Grants approved

Individual members approved

Corporate members approved

Ongoing business

Board Liaison required for the Fellowship Working Group

dsf-members on the Django Forum

More work to be done with forum admins – see last meeting’s notes.

European Organizers Support WC

New business

Google Season of Docs

To take part in Google Season of Docs – discussion of the logistics (Fellow involvement needed or not, interest from board members, payment platform).

Package ecosystem & DSF

Possibility of a packages working group, based on current maintenance concerns in the Django ecosystem:

Recognizing the importance of DRF to the Django community, and of packages generally – the maintenance work of adopting more packages would stretch DSF resources. Discussion to be had with DSF Fellows & Steering Council.

Django’s official packages process: DEP 7 (covered projects: channels). The DEP does not define whether Fellows work on package maintenance / who does – it defines projects come with a maintenance team. It would be worth comparing with how the PSF does this.

Action items

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