DSF Board monthly meeting, December 14, 2023

The meeting was led by Chaim Kirby.

Board members in attendance were:

Also in attendance were:



USD $238,913.00

Individual members approved

Corporate members approved

Ongoing business

Board Liaison for the Fellowship Working Group

Raised on Slack – Jacob wants to start a conversation including the fellows

Django Girls grant applications

Çağıl and Anna speaking, Django Girls wants a separate form/process for grants (they want different information, would need access to approve only DG events, not all grant requests). Çağıl to follow up in email thread.

dsf-members on the Django Forum

This would be a private channel on the forum. The mailing list would remain for announcements (“Hey it’s time to vote”). We will need to ensure that new member onboarding also get added to new forum. Çağıl to talk to Andrew Godwin (main forum admin).

European Organizers Support Working Group

Next step: post CfP for DjangoCon Europe 2025

Membership blog post & FAQ

Jacob is currently working on a draft, planning on posting this soon (subject to review)

Update 2023-12-20: now live at DSF Individual Membership FAQ.

Update Membership Form

Form: DSF Membership Nomination

New business

Install New Board Members

See 2024 DSF Board Election Results. The following candidates have been elected:

Officer elections

Action items

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