Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 7

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on April 28, 2010

We're in the final stretch As a result of some good bug killing activity over the week, there are just 2 bugs blocking a release candidate. Both of these bugs (#13166 and #13315) are reasonably well understood; they're just waiting on the time needed to polish and commit the patches.

So -- that means we're on target for a release candidate around May 3, with a final release around May 10. The exact date might be off by a day or two, depending on the ability of our esteemed Release Manager James Bennett to find the time to turn the crank and make the official tarballs.

Once we have a release candidate, work will shift to closing the 48 outstanding documentation and translation issues. Luckily, progress on these tickets is much easier than fixing code problems, and there's lots of opportunity to contribute. To that end, we'll be having a virtual sprint on May 8th to try and get as much documentation work sorted out as possible. If you want to help out, join us on #django-sprint on IRC on the 8th; or if you can spare time before then, pick a documentation ticket and work up a patch (or edit a patch on an existing documentation ticket). As always, any and all help is most welcome.

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