June archive

Django 1.6 beta 1 released

June 28, 2013

As part of the Django 1.6 release process, today we've released Django 1.6 beta 1, a preview/testing package that gives a little taste of some of the new stuff coming in Django 1.6. As with all alpha and beta packages, this is not for production use, but if you'd like to try out some of the new goodies coming in 1.6, or if you'd like to pitch in and help us fix bugs before the final 1.6 release (due in August), feel free to grab a copy and give it a spin.

You can get a copy of the 1.6 beta package from our downloads page, and we recommend you read the release notes. Also, for the security conscious, signed MD5 and SHA1 checksums of the 1.6 beta package are available.

New Developer Members of the DSF

June 14, 2013

At its most recent board meeting, the Django Software Foundation (DSF) confirmed the addition of several new Developer Members. Developer Members are added in recognition of their contribution to the Django community. This may mean contributions to Django's core, contributions to significant Django-related libraries or tools, or efforts in organizing events in the Django community.

Members of the Django Core team are automatically elligible for DSF membership. Five members of the core team recently took up this offer:

  • Tim Graham
  • Preston Holmes
  • Daniel Lindsley
  • Simon Meers
  • Donald Stufft

The DSF board also added the following three individuals as members, recognising their contribution to the broader Django community:

  • Andy McKay
  • Lynn Root
  • Remco Wendt

A big welcome to Tim, Preston, Daniel, Simon, Donald, Andy, Lynn and Remco!

In addition to Developer Members, the DSF also has Corporate Members. Corporate members are organizations that use Django, and wish to be involved in the stewardship of the project. If you or your company would like more information on becoming a corporate member of the DSF, you can find out more on our Corporate Membership page. If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member of the DSF, please get in touch.

Jeremy Dunck joins the DSF Board

June 13, 2013

In late April, the DSF announced the resignation of Alex Gaynor from the Django Software Foundation board.

The DSF membership nominated a number of potential candidates to replace fill Alex's seat; however, only two of those candidates - Jeremy Dunck and Andy McKay - chose to stand for election. The membership cast their votes, and in a very narrow decision, chose Jeremy Dunck. The board of the Django Software Foundation (DSF) has just met and voted unanimously to confirm Jeremy to fill Alex's seat on the DSF board.

Jeremy is a long-standing member of the Django community, and joined the core team almost a year ago. Jeremy has also served as the DSF secretary since the inception of the Foundation.

However, in light of his new position on the board, Jeremy has chosen to stand down as DSF Secretary. Given the very close vote for the board seat, and Andy's declared interest in addressing issues of transparency and record keeping in DSF operations, the DSF board voted to elect Andy McKay as the new DSF Secretary.

The DSF would again like to thank Alex for his service to the DSF. We look forward to seeing the contributions that Jeremy will make now that he is on the DSF board, and the contribution that Andy will make as Secretary.