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Announcing the Django Software Foundation

June 17, 2008

It seemed only fitting to give the scoop to the Lawrence Journal-World:

Django, started nearly five years ago by programmers affiliated with The World Company, now joins a lineup of pervasive computer languages and systems — including Mozilla, Apache and Linux — to be overseen by a nonprofit organization.

We're still breaking this baby in, so we're a little light on details for now. You can read a bit about our goals now, and as you can imagine we'll be talking a lot about this in the days and weeks to come.

Suffice to say that we're amazingly excited about the opportunities this next step brings. When we started thinking about releasing Django (three years ago!) we never expected this level of success.

We certainly couldn't have gotten here without the amazing support and contributions from our community of users and developers. To everyone who's used or contributed to Django: thanks!

Save the date

June 16, 2008

Mark your calendars: Django 1.0 is coming in early September!

We're nearing the home stretch on releasing Django 1.0. We've just published a roadmap and schedule that brings us to a 1.0 release on September 2nd, 2008.

You can read all the details on the roadmap, but here are the highlights:

  • Django 1.0 will be released in early September.
  • To meet that deadline, Django 1.0 has a minimal set of must-have features. The big feature on that list is newforms-admin.
  • There's a larger set of "maybe" features: if these features are done by the 1.0 feature-freeze date (August 5), they'll be included in 1.0.

If you'd like to help us meet this deadline, please read the rest of the roadmap, and especially the "how you can help" section.

Only 77 days left until Django 1.0!