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Django book pre-release

October 31, 2006

Jacob and I are excited to announce the pre-release of The Django Book!

Starting today, The Django book is available at djangobook.com. We'll be unveiling one or two chapters each week until the whole book is available. The first two chapters are available now.

This is a pre-release, which means we're actively looking for comments, typo fixes, corrections and other suggestions from readers like you, all around the world. We'll try to incorporate your suggestions into the final product, which will be published by Apress early next year. Amazon.com is accepting preorders for the print edition, and the number of preorders so far has been astounding.

Unlike other pre-release books, we're making this process completely free and open, rather than charging you money for the privilege of submitting book improvements. (That always seemed a bit odd to us.) The book is available under the GNU Free Documentation License, which means it's free to read and redistribute. We're in this to improve the (already excellent) Django documentation, not to make a quick buck.

How can you submit comments and typo fixes? By posting inline comments, of course! Jacob has knocked out a fantastic, Django-powered inline comment system that allows you to post comments to any particular paragraph in the book. Read all about it. (For those of you interested in the code, stay tuned. We'll be cleaning it up and releasing it. Many thanks to Jack Slocum for laying the groundwork.)

So, dive in, let us know what you think, and check back regularly for the latest chapter updates. There's an Atom feed that'll get updated each time we release new material.

Django on a Windows PDA

October 28, 2006

This is one of the coolest Django hacks ever.

Marxy writes that he's gotten Django running on a Windows Mobile 5 PDA.

Although I won't be switching my various Django production servers from Linux to Windows PDA any time soon, it's cool to see that this is possible, and it's a testament to Python's flexibility. Plus, it could even come in handy for developers of PDA applications. Nice hack, Marxy!

New tutorial at SitePoint

October 11, 2006

The popular Web-development resource SitePoint has published a Django tutorial titled Django Djumpstart: Build a To-do List in 30 Minutes. It's written by James Bennett and goes over the Django basics.

Not only is it a good read -- it features a fantastic piece of artwork that melds Django the guitarist with Django the Web framework.