January archive

Django Sprint in Kraków, Poland

January 31, 2012

This weekend (February 4 and 5), Pykonik, the Kraków Python Users Group will be holding 2 days of sprints. Django's 1.4 beta release is due very soon, so this is a great opportunity to help make the Django 1.4 release as stable and bug-free as possible.

The sprints will be held at the offices of HiddenData. The sprint venue -- in the main square of Kraków -- opens at 10AM on Saturday; the sprint kicks off at midday, and will run non-stop until 8PM on Sunday.

Thanks to a grant from the Django Software Foundation, and assistance from enn.io, Django Core developer Jannis Leidel will be there in person to help out.

If you want to attend the sprints in person, you can help with planning by registering.

If you can't attend in person, you are invited to participate online from wherever you are. Core developers will be available on freenode IRC: #django-sprint in order to review tickets and to assist you in the sprinting process.

We hope you can join us and help make the sprints as successful as possible.

Django Software Foundation announces membership drive

January 16, 2012

The Django Software Foundation (DSF) is kicking off the new year with a corporate membership drive. Membership of the DSF is one tangible way that your company can publicly demonstrate its support for the Django project, and give back to the Open Source community that has developed Django.

To kick off this membership drive, we're proud to announce our first two corporate members: Imaginary Landscapes and the Caktus Consulting Group. The DSF would like to thank these two companies for their generous contributions, and for their public support of the DSF and it's mission.

Corporate membership of the DSF is available at three levels:

  • Independent consultancies, sole proprietorships and other small businesses: $500/year.
  • Small-to-medium businesses, established ISVs, and other midrange companies: $2000/year. Government agencies may also join at this rate.
  • Large corporations: $5000/year.

We leave it up to you to pick the right level for your company. If corporate membership doesn't suit you or your company, but you still want to contribute financially, you can also donate to the Foundation.

What will the DSF do with your membership contributions? Whatever we can do to make the Django community a better place. Historically, this has mostly meant sponsoring sprints -- providing money for event catering and equipment hire, and where possible, to arrange for members of the core team to be present. The more financial contributions we have, the more activities we can sponsor.

If you or your company is interested in becoming a corporate member, or if you have any questions about DSF membership, please get in touch using the DSF contact form.

If you have any questions about DSF membership, or if you have suggestions for what the DSF could do to help the community, get in touch, too!