DjangoCon US 2011 announced!

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on November 22, 2010

The DjangoCon organizing committee, led by Steve Holden, has just announced that DjangoCon US 2011 will be held in Portland, Oregon, from September 6-8 2011. This will be followed by a couple of days of sprints. We are also exploring the possibility of running tutorials on the day before (September 5).

There will be a change of venue from the last two years -- we've shifted to the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. This is located right in the middle of downtown Portland, so it should be a lot more convenient for dinner and other social activities.

The budget hasn't been finalized yet, but we will be aiming to keep registration fees comparable to DjangoCon US 2010. However, we have already negotiated complimentary internet for everyone staying at the hotel, and throughout the ballroom where the conference will be taking place.

Although there was some interest in looking at other venues, due to the relatively short time frame, it was necessary to stick to Portland for at least one more year. To that end -- if you are interested in hosting DjangoCon US 2012 in a location other than Portland, now is the time to start organizing. Jump on the DjangoCon organizers mailing list an let us know that you want to help out. And if you want to help organize DjangoCon US 2011, jump on the same list!

Hope to see you in Portland in September!

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