"magic-removal" branch merged

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on May 1, 2006

We've merged the magic-removal branch to trunk!

All Django development from now on will focus primarily on the branch formerly known as magic-removal, and all documentation on djangoproject.com will focus on the development version.

If you're not familiar with the magic-removal branch, see this previous writeup.

Detailed upgrade instructions are on the RemovingTheMagic wiki page. Please do go ahead and edit that page to add suggestions and clarifications as needed.

Note that this change applies only to Django's development version. If you're using an official release, such as Django 0.91, you won't be affected by this until Django's next release, coming in the near future. It's probably a good idea, however, for you to play around with the development version now to start learning what's changed.

Also, please be aware that the documentation on djangoproject.com now all refers to the new "magic-removal" syntax. With a few exceptions, all of the documentation has been proofread and updated to match the new APIs. (And many documents have been significantly expanded!) Previous versions of the documentation are here: 0.91 (covers 0.91 and development versions up to magic-removal merge) and 0.90 (covers 0.90 and development versions up to 0.91).

We'd like to thank ALL the dozens of people, all over the world, who have submitted code, documentation, bug reports and other help in this branch. Special thanks go to the magic-removal committers, Joseph Kocherans, Russell Keith-Magee and Luke Plant.

So, what's the next step? Let's take care of any new translations that need to be done for the new version in trunk, and then, pending small bugfixes, we'll release 0.95. (In tandem, we'll release 0.92, a "final" version of 0.91 that has a few months' worth of bugfixes applied.)

As always, thanks for using Django.

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