DjangoCon 2008

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on July 13, 2008

For the past year or so, people have been asking for us to hold a conference all about Django. Putting together a conference is an imense amount of work, so it took us a while to get the ball rolling. However, over the past couple of months we've found a few good volunteers who've taken on the task of planning a "DjangoCon," and now the dream is a reality!

For the details, I'll turn this space over to Robert Lofthouse, the conference chair:

I am pleased to announce that DjangoCon will be held on the 6th and 7th of September, 2008 at the Google headquarters in Mountain View. This will tie in with the 1.0 release of Django, and so we'll be also having a 1.0 release party on Saturday September 6th.

All the details including a schedule of speakers will be made available when we launch the conference website on Friday. Space will be limited to about 200 attendees, so we'll be releasing tickets in batches to give everyone a chance to come to the conference. Admission will be free, but we'll be asking for an optional donation to the Django Software Foundation to help cover our costs.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping out, and also thanks to Google for working so hard to get everything done!

I look forward to seeing those that can make it! It's going to rock!

— Robert Lofthouse, Conference Chair

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