Django 1.1 status update

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on May 7, 2009

It's well past time for a quick update on the status of Django 1.1:

Anyone who's been following our development process and can read a calendar will probably have noticed that we've missed our originally-targeted ship date of April 13th. So we're now about a month behind.

The reason for the schedule slip is pretty typical for most software projects: we reached the target date with a number of bugs still open. Putting out buggy code on time simply isn't an option, so we've been working to get these final issues closed before we ship any code.

As I write this we have about fifty bugs still open (see the complete list here). I'm pretty hopeful about getting these fixed in short order: today is the first day of the EuroDjangoCon sprints, and we've got quite a turnout. A number of tricky bugs have been fixed already today.

Unfortunately, many of these remaining issues are quite tricky. Ironically, this is caused by Django's general stability: we've already fixed all the easy bugs!

We're not setting a timeline for the 1.1 release because the remaining issues are "blockers": they have to be fixed before we can put a release out. So while we're hoping to have the first release candidate out in a matter of days, this isn't a promise. We'll ship Django 1.1 when it's stable, and not a moment before.

Thanks for your understanding, and watch this space for updates.

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