Django 1.3 release schedule -- Update

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on December 13, 2010

Once again, astute observers will have noted a missed deadline: November 29 has come and gone, but Django 1.3 beta 1 hasn't been released.

In this case, the delay has been caused by a desire to deliver on everything that has been discussed over the last few months. The release of Beta 1 marks the full feature freeze for Django 1.3, and there are lots of little features that have been discussed at length, and are very close to completion, but haven't been committed to trunk. Rather than defer these features to the 1.4, we've opted to push the release schedule by a couple of weeks to let the last few commits happen.

At this point, the outstanding issues are:

In order to accommodate these last features, we've decided to push the Beta 1 release until December 21.

To ensure that we have enough time for fixing bugs once the beta has been released, we're also going to push the final release date by 2 weeks. This means the 1.3 release candidate should be released on January 24, followed by a final 1.3 release on January 31.

Once the beta has been released, we will be focussing on bug fixes. We will be using the Ready For Checkin list as the working list, so if you have a bug you want to see fixed, make sure it has been reviewed and is correctly tagged for as being ready for checkin. We also need assistance triaging the list of unreviewed tickets.

If you're not sure what you need to do in order to get your ticket ready for checkin, read the contribution guide; we also have a work-in-progress HowTo guide that may help clarify what is needed. If you're still not sure, try asking on the #django-dev IRC channel for a push in the right direction.

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