Django 1.3 release schedule

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on September 30, 2010

Django 1.2 has been in the wild for a couple of months, and we've had plenty of time to talk about what we want to see in Django 1.3. That means it's time to pick features and nominate some deadlines.

From the feedback from DjangoCon, and from conversations on the mailing lists and IRC, it's fairly clear that people are happy with the new features that have been added with Django 1.1 and 1.2. However, there is also concern about the growing backlog of bugs and minor feature requests that have accrued while we work on these big features.

For this reason, Django 1.3 is going to be light on big new features, and heavy on bugfixes and little features. We'll still have a couple of big features -- most likely those features that have missed previous release, such as logging and class-based generic views. However, for the bulk of the release, we're going to try and focus on getting the open ticket count down.

Here's the release schedule:

Full details, an explanation of the schedule, and suggestions on how to help out can be found in the 1.3 Roadmap.

So dig in! There's plenty of work to do, and the more volunteers we have, the better Django 1.3 will be!

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