Recent developments

In case you don't follow the Django timeline, here's a rundown of improvements we've made recently:

  • We've added documentation on how to integrate Django with a legacy database and the django-admin.py utility.
  • We've added a model validator, which catches common errors in model syntax. Just run "django-admin.py validate". The development server automatically validates all installed applications when you start it and each time you make code changes while it's running. If you can think of any more errors the validator should catch, let us know by filing a ticket.
  • Thanks to our great community, we've made dozens of small bug fixes, usability improvements and other enhancements in code and documentation. It just keeps getting better!

Oh, and if you can make it to London Sept. 5, head over to Sam Newman's meetup for Django developers.

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on August 17, 2005