Django without mod_python, and WSGI support

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on July 18, 2005

We've gotten a lot of feedback from developers who want to explore Django but don't want to go through the hassle of installing mod_python.

OK, we've got that covered.

Just "svn update" your code, and run the command runserver. That'll start a lightweight Web server running on your local machine, so you can jump right in and play.

I've updated part 2 of the tutorial to use this new method, instead of mod_python. Of course, note that this new Web server should be used only for development purposes.

On a broader note, Django is now compliant with the WSGI spec. That means it should be able to run on any WSGI-friendly server -- lighttpd, FCGI, SCGI, etc.

And that's where you come in. Prefer a particular server over Apache/mod_python? Get Django working on it, and, when you do, file a ticket telling us how you did it. We'll update this site to add your instructions.

The WSGI handler is in django/core/handlers/

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