Introducing Django 0.90

Since we made Django open source, we've had an amazingly productive couple of months. But the code has always been in development status -- available only via revision control.

Now, our first release is ready.

Django 0.90, available as a tarball or as a Python egg, is the current Django code, packaged up for distribution.

See the install guide.

We're especially excited that getting Django no longer requires installing Subversion. :-)

Note that there's still no guarantee of backwards-compatibility between Django releases at this point. Our goal is to knock off the major items on this list, then launch version 1.0 with a backwards-compatibility guarantee.

With that said, I should point out that migration information for each backwards-incompatible change will be documented in excruciating detail, as we've already been doing.

Feel free to ask questions on the django-users mailing list.


Posted by Adrian Holovaty on November 16, 2005