Monday notes

  • This Wednesday, Django dev Jacob Kaplan-Moss is speaking about Django at Google, for a Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay Area Python Interest Group event.
  • A Ruby fan like the idea of magic-removal and says "when does rails get some love?"
  • Use Django? Add yourself to the Django world map, courtesy of frappr.com. It's pretty fantastic to see those map markers spread all over the world.
  • Bill de h├ôra: "After this merge, Django 1.0 can't be far off. Sweet. It's an *excellent* framework. This will take a lot of doubt out of the whether Django is ready and when."
  • St. Joseph Media, Canada's third largest publisher of consumer magazines, has been cranking out Django-powered sites and adding them to the Django-powered sites page with so little fanfare that I almost missed 'em. Toronto Life, Fashion 18 and Canadian Family look great!
  • The finalists for Editor and Publisher's EPpy awards for interactive media -- a pretty big deal in online journalism -- have been announced, and eight of the 32 categories contain at least one site that uses Django. One category ("Best Internet News Service under 1 million unique monthly visitors") even pits two Django-powered sites against each other! Slowly, but surely, newspaper sites are figuring out Django is the best way to go.

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on April 24, 2006