Django 0.91 released

We're pleased to announce Django 0.91, the result of a month and a half of feature additions, bug fixes and other improvements.

I know many of the Django faithful use the Django development version (SVN), which is updated almost every day (and recommended by the Django developers as the preferred flavor), but this release is for the folks who like definitive versions. This new release encompasses all of the new niceties development-version users have been enjoying for the past month and a half.

There are literally hundreds of improvements -- but some of the most notable are:

  • Merged the "new-admin" branch, which heavily refactored the way the admin works, to make it more extensible.
  • Changed passwords to be stored with a salt, and with a tighter (and swappable) encryption algorithm. (Read more.)
  • URLconfs no longer require named groups; you can use simple parentheses. (Read more.)
  • Changed the default project layout to add a manage.py utility, which avoids frustration with DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE.
  • Added a gorgeous template-debugging error page in the case of template syntax errors. (Read more.)
  • Added an {% include %} template tag. (Read more.)
  • Added a framework for template context processors. (Read more.)
  • Improved the e-mail library to prevent header injections. (Read more.)
  • Added OR lookups to the database API. (Read more.)
  • Made the template system scoped to the parser instead of the template module. Also changed the way tags/filters are registered and added support for multiple arguments to the {% load %} tag.

In addition to the many, many changes, we've reworked the tutorial to simplify things a bit -- namely using the new manage.py utility instead of futzing with paths to settings. Docs for version 0.90 have been frozen. They're available here, for eternity.

This release has five backwards incompatible changes, most of which are small. They are:

This is the last Django release before the magic-removal branch is merged. The next release will be a big one.

Many thanks to all the great people who've contributed to this project. You can check them out in the AUTHORS file.

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on January 11, 2006