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Posted by Adrian Holovaty on January 27, 2006

We Django developers have been busy working on the next Django version. In the meantime, check out this great collection of recent Django reviews:

From Chase Davis:

"I have no intention of going into Web development, but messing with Django gives me an excuse to learn Python and think more about database-driven applications that could be useful to reporters. I have been toying with Django for about a day, and I am amazed at how easy it is to use, especially for a Python-illiterate moron like me. The framework comes with an easily configurable admin system immediately upon installation, and it seems to interface with databases more easily than anything I've worked with in my limited Web experience."

From Christian Meder:

"Having read quite a couple of articles and blogs about these two frameworks I finally started playing around with Django. Cool stuff ! And it's actually really exactly as easy as described in the articles ;-)

"Having done five years of Java/JSP/Struts/OJB (a rather lightweight stack in Java terms) web applications the difference is mindboggling."

From Tom Zellman:

"[O]nce I got the taste of Django, there was no turning back.

"Django was the winner. Django provides everything we need. It is easy. The amount of code needed to write is small. Testing can be done real-time (with the default server). It is TONS of fun to work with! Most importantly, the documentation is very complete. ... Django just feels good, and has some great capabilities. The strong-points: regex URL matching!!!, extensive database API, built-in admin support!, impressive OO-templating."

O'Reilly's Jeremy Jones switched from TurboGears to Django:

"All of these issues [with Turbogears] and my glance at Django really got me thinking about how TurboGears was put together. ... I began to wonder if I might be better off with a unified solution rather than a solution made of components from separate projects."

From "a hacker in Iowa":

"Most of my time lately has been spent working on converting Master Packing's current website over to Django so we can quickly develop new applications and easily edit content. I've been very impressed with Django's infrastructure and API, and I'm even more impressed with how the next version is shaping up to look like."

From Brian Ray:

"Django is fast. Fast is setting up. Fast for fitting in with legacy item. And these pages load really fast. Not only faster than most JAVA and RoR sites, but faster than many static sites."

From David Reynolds:

"I've been enjoying using Django. Strangely the templating system has been the thing that has impressed me the most. I'm not sure if this is because I've never used a templating language other than Smarty of if it's just because the Django templating language is so well written, most likely the latter."

From Jaanus:

"The Django project rocks ... Somehow the whole thing, even though it's not at 1.0 yet, feels quite polished and refined and written by people who clearly know what they are doing."

Python creator Guido van Rossum has been playing with Django in his new position at Google, and Django developer Jacob has written "Why you should use Django":

"Inspired by Guido van Rossum's plea to be taught web frameworks here are (in no particular order) ten reasons why he -- and you -- should use Django."

On a related note, from friend-of-Django David Heinemeier Hansson:

"Reuse is vastly overrated ... [T]he new economics of dynamic languages like Ruby simply makes reuse a lot less attractive. Since the cost of producing new, original code is so much lower, the demands on reuse are that much greater. And usually that means it'll take more time to reuse something than it'll take to create it from scratch. Leaving you with something that's both more expensive and uglier."

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