Week in review: June 5

Here are the highlights of Django improvements this past week (technically the past couple of days, because last week's report went over):

  • Changeset 3047: Fixed PostgreSQL index introspection in tables that have dropped columns. Thanks, Chris Chamberlin.
  • Changeset 3048: A TypeError was being thrown if a form doesn't have the correct enctype for uploading files. Django now throws a ValidationError, as it should.
  • Changeset 3049: Added a SESSION_EXPIRE_AT_BROWSER_CLOSE setting, which regulates whether the session framework should use browser-session-length cookies. See the new docs.
  • Changeset 3050: Added a pretty "Unknown" icon to use in admin-site changelists for NullBooleanFields.
  • Changeset 3051: Lengthened form labels on the admin login screen to accommodate other languages, which might have longer words.
  • Changeset 3055: Added YEAR_MONTH_FORMAT and MONTH_DAY_FORMAT settings, and added technical message IDs of the same names. Thanks, ramiro. This lets i18n users customize the way dates are displayed in the admin site when you're using the date_hierarchy option.
  • Changeset 3058: Changed AuthenticationForm to disallow users with is_active=False from logging in. Thanks, dave@rightround.com and germish@gmail.com.
  • Changeset 3071: Added 'page' parameter to the object_list generic view. Thanks, kanashii@kanashii.ca. See the new docs.
  • Changeset 3073: Added a 'search' DB-API lookup type, which does full-text index searches in MySQL. See the new docs.
  • Changeset 3076: Added django.contrib.humanize, a set of template tags for adding a 'human touch' to data. They do helpful things such as converting numbers to their ordinal equivalents (e.g. '2' to '2nd') and adding commas to big numbers (e.g. '1000' to '1,000'). See the new docs.

In other Django news:

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on June 5, 2006