Media company to launch 15 new Django sites

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on March 29, 2006

This is huge news: The Scripps media company / newspaper chain is moving 15 of its news sites to use Django in the next year.

Scripps newspaper Web operations in Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, Indiana, Florida and South Carolina have licensed Ellington, the Django-powered content-management system created by World Online, the Kansas-based Web-development team that created Django in the first place.

Says Bob Benz, general manager of interactive media for Scripps newspapers: "It's going to give us a considerable competitive advantage."

Getting Django (and Python) onto so many more Real-World production sites is a huge win for the framework and the Python programming language. That list of Django-powered sites keeps growing and growing.

(Disclaimer: I helped create Ellington, but I no longer work for World Online and have no incentive to promote it, other than professional pride.)

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