Spreading the word in Europe

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on September 25, 2006

We've been busy spreading the word about Django in Europe.

Simon Willison did a presentation at the European Ruby on Rails conference in London, titled "Cross-pollination: tricks Rails users can learn from Django." By all accounts, it was well received, and it seems some of the Rails fans in attendance experienced the light-bulb effect of "Wow, this is really cool -- I should check it out!" (I'll try to see whether Simon can post his slides.)

Last week, I presented Django at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON conference in Brussels. There were plenty of good questions, and people who hadn't yet used the framework seemed excited to try Django out. (No slides are available, as I did a live demo.) We had the privilege of meeting several Django users throughout the conference. Also, Simon presented the Yahoo User Interface Library and I had the honor of doing a short keynote.

We also got a chance last week to meet with some Django users in Rome. Thanks for the hospitality, Nicola and Francesco!

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