Upcoming changes to Django development version

Posted by Adrian Holovaty on April 6, 2007

For a long time, we've recommended that people use the Django development version instead of the latest Django release, as we try hard to keep the development version stable. We're loosening that policy, temporarily, for the immediate future, in order to make a number of backwards-incompatible changes to the development version.

Examples of some of these changes are:

The biggest change is probably the newforms-admin functionality.

Therefore, if you use the Django development version in production settings (as many people, including I, do), take a look at the "Backwards-incompatible changes" wiki page before updating your Django code to make sure your code won't break.

If you use a specific Django release, such as 0.96, you have nothing to worry about. You simply may have to make some changes to your code when you upgrade to the next Django release.

This is, we hope, the final run of backwards-incompatible changes before version 1.0, at which point we'll be committed to compatibility.

If you'd like to discuss these changes, feel free to post a message to the django-developers mailing list.

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