The Django Book is done.

Posted by Jacob on December 16, 2007

The Django Book started shipping last week, and we've put the full text online for free.

We put a draft of the book up about a year ago for comments, and were amazed by the quality (and quantity!) of responses. We read each of the comments (around 2500) as we revised the book towards a final print release. That print release has been available in stores for about a week, and we've put the text up for you to read for free.

As with the draft, we're soliciting comments which we'll use as we continue to revise the online text. We're also collecting errata from the print edition if you notice mistakes there.

We're immensely grateful to everyone who helped make this book happen.

Thanks also to Media Temple: we're now hosting the book site on machine they donated to the project a few months ago. Thanks, guys -- you rock!

PS: If you're not seeing the new book, it's probably because the DNS change hasn't propagated yet. Try in the meantime.

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