Django at PyCon

It's that time of year again!

PyCon 2007 is is rapidly approaching with an amazing line-up of talks on all sorts of Python-related topics. If you've got the opportunity, I highly recommend going. The conference is a steal at $195 ($125 for students) if you register before January 15th.

Of course, there's also a large array of Django-oriented activities at PyCon; here's a list of the (officially planned) activities (in chronological order):

  • On Feb 22nd (the tutorial day) I (Jacob) will be teaching back-to-back three-hour Django tutorials. The morning tutorial is an introduction to Django designed for anyone interested in getting started with Django.

    After lunch, I'll move on to an advanced Django tutorial, covering a lot of what goes on under the hood. Anyone who knows Django and wants to dig deeper should really enjoy this one. You can, of course, sign up for both.

    (I should point out by way of disclaimer that I get a bit of money for each person who attends one of my tutorials. I'd promote them here anyway, of course, but full disclosure is the best policy and all that.)

  • During the conference proper, I'll be talking about the lessons in Open Source development that we've learned in 18 months of running the Django project. It's been an amazing ride, and we've all learned a huge amount about what it means to be involved in Open Source.

    This talk is tentatively scheduled for Saturday (Feb. 25th), but the schedule is still being finalized so that date may change.

  • There's also a web frameworks panel planned for Friday (Feb. 24th) afternoon. Titus Brown plans to bring together developers from the many Python web frameworks; I'm really looking forward to seeing all these different points of views.

  • Finally, we'll again hold a Django sprint in the four days following the conference (Feb. 26th through Mar. 1st). If you've never attending a sprint before, you can read more about sprinting on the PyCon wiki; essentially sprints are a focused development session wherein a bunch of developers gather in a room and bang out code.

    We've not yet decided on what we'll focus on during the sprint, but if you're interested in getting involved in Django development (or if you're involved already), we'd be happy to have you! I'll probably give an informal "how to contribute to Django" session on the first day of the sprint for anyone who's interested.

I hope to see a bunch of Djangonauts there. I've been to PyCon for the last couple of years, and it's always been fantastic, and I can see from the line-up of talks that this year will be no exception.

Remember to register before Jan. 15th if you want to save sixty bucks!

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on January 2, 2007