Django 0.95.1 released

We've just rolled out Django 0.95.1, a new minor release of Django which includes fixes for several bugs discovered in the original 0.95 release; 0.95.1 includes:

  • A patch for a small security vulnerability in the script Django's internationalization system uses to compile translation files (changeset 4360 in the "0.95-bugfixes" branch).
  • A fix for a bug in Django's authentication middleware which could cause apparent "caching" of a logged-in user (changeset 4361).
  • A patch which disables debugging mode in the flup FastCGI package Django uses to launch its FastCGI server, which prevents tracebacks from bubbling up during production use (changeset 4363).

It's recommended that anyone using the official 0.95 release upgrade to 0.95.1 to get these fixes, or apply the patches from the changesets linked above.

Posted by James Bennett on January 21, 2007