Django status update: July 22

  • Database migration has been the topic of the week with Mike Heald’s dbmigration tool for Django applications. Mike describes the project: “This project attempts to allow you to apply schema migrations to your Django applications in an automated way. It requires a little more up-front thinking than the schema evolution branches would make you do, but with the advantage that automated rollouts are much easier to do than in the standard Django trunk and the code is available and working right now.
  • Seemingly on the heels of Mike’s project, Derek Anderson, the author of the Summer of Code 2006 project schema-evolution, has updated his code to work properly with the 0.96 release of Django. Derek also states that the schema-evolution should work fine with the trunk version of Django as well.
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss has generated a photomosaic of sites that are powered by Django. Check it out, it’s pretty interesting! Jacob says: “A collection of Django-powered sites collected from the wiki and djangosites.org. This mosaic has about 650 out of the list of over 800 collected from those sites. Compare with a similar mosaic I made last year. Also available: the super-high-quality original (PNG, 8000×6000, 38 MB).
  • Nathan Ostgard has written an article demonstrating how to implement an undo mechanism to your Django applications: “It’s a pretty simple concept: add a trashed_at field to your model, with the default value of None. When delete() is called on an object, if trashed_at is None, set it to the current time but don’t delete it. If it’s not None, actually delete it from the database.
  • Stockphoto is a photo gallery application written in Django: “It is designed to integrate into existing dynamic websites built with Django, to be easy to install, and to have few prerequisites, both in terms of third-party modules and in terms of expectations about site layout. It attempts to make maximum use of built-in Django facilities (authentication, admin pages, generic views) as much as possible in order to provide the simplest possible photogallery application while providing a reasonably full set of features.
  • The first Satchmo-powered online store came online this past week. Abode living is hopefully the first in a long line of stores running on top of the Django-based online store application. If you haven’t heard of Satchmo before, take some time to poke around their site. They’ve also got a helpful mailing list and very lively group of developers working on the project.

If you have any tips, project announcements, or generally interesting Django news, email me at clintecker+djangotips@gmail.com.

Posted by Clint Ecker on July 22, 2007