Django status update: June 26

Posted by Clint Ecker on June 26, 2007

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our regularly-scheduled Django Status Reports. In the past, members of the development team took time out of their week to post these tidbits and as their schedules have become more hectic with Django itself, their day jobs, a book, and side projects, they've been unable to contribute as much as they'd like. Many people, myself included, felt that these posts added a lot of value to the Django community, so I offered up my services and here we are!

That's enough rambling—I'll get on with our updates for roughly the past 90 days or so:

That's it for now, and please be aware that the next one of these should be significantly shorter. If you have any interesting Django-related news, projects, or announcements that you'd like to see here, please send a short note to

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