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Posted by Adrian Holovaty & Jacob Kaplan-Moss on July 14, 2008

A short while ago, we announced the creation of the Django Software Foundation, a non-profit organization that exists (among other reasons) to sponsor Django coding sprints and other events for our community.

Now, we're kick-starting the foundation by holding a fundraising drive.

With Django 1.0 around the corner, our immediate goal is to raise enough money to support the upcoming pre-1.0 coding sprints, which bring developers together in the real world for highly productive design and programming sessions. After the 1.0 release, we're planning to fund regularly scheduled sprints, user meet-ups and other community events.

It sounds a bit cheesy, but: with your help, we can make these things happen.

If you enjoy using Django and believe in our mission and goals, please consider making a donation:


For more information, see our donation FAQ or our more general foundation FAQ. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

And, attention companies! We're also forming a corporate sponsorship program. If you represent a business that would like to join the DSF as a sponsor member, please let us know.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program(ming). Thanks for tolerating this fundraising announcement; we'll try to keep these to a minimum.

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