PyCon 2009

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on February 20, 2009

It's almost spring, and you know what that means: PyCon is here! Early-bird registration ends soon, so take advantage of the low prices and register now!

PyCon's consistently among the best technical conferences in the world. The conference is chock-full of interesting talks about everything Python, and the unofficial parts of the conference (the "hallway track," open spaces, sprints, etc.) are even better.

As with previous years, Django will be very well represented at PyCon.

James Bennett and I will be teaching a tutorial, Django in the Real World, covering all the stuff you need to do after you've written your app. The tutorial's filling up, so if you're interested I recommend registering soon.

New to PyCon 2009 are invited speakers: a select group of fantastic Python speakers invited to drop some knowledge. Adrian is one of the invited speakers, and he'll be giving us all a look behind the scenes of I'm really looking forward to this!

Then there's a whopping nine talks covering Django, including talks on Pinax, Google App Engine, Django on Jython, a panel discussing ORM design, and a talk with what has to be the most awesome title ever: Searching for Neutrinos Using Python at the Bottom of the World.`

Adrian and I will also deliver a "State of Django" talk discussing where the project is, and where it's going.

Finally, after the talks end, the annual development sprint begins: four solid days of hacking! Anyone interested in working on Django is encouraged to attend, and note that the sprints at PyCon are open to anyone, not just PyCon attendees. So, if you're in Chicago feel free to stop on by!

Early-bird registration ends in just a couple of days, so make sure to register soon to take advantage of the discounts!

Hope to see lots of Djangonauts there!

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