Django 1.1 released

Posted by James Bennett on July 29, 2009

After nearly a year of development, lots of new features and thousands of other improvements, Django 1.1 is here and ready for prime time!

For a full rundown of what's new and what's changed, consult the release notes; to grab a copy, swing by the Django download page. And for the security-conscious, signed checksums for the release tarball are available.

This release also contains the security update rolled out earlier tonight for older release series.

Django 1.1 is the result of hard work by hundreds of people who've contributed code to Django and many more who've donated their time to reporting, triaging, tracking down and helping to fix bugs and develop new features. Django literally would not be able to happen without all of you, so stop and give yourselves (and any other contributors you know) a pat on the back.

Thanks once again to everyone who's helped out, and we hope to see you all at DjangoCon 2009 in Portland, Oregon, and all along the path to Django 1.2.

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