Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 5

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on April 14, 2010

There has been a lot of activity on Django's trunk this week, but this isn't reflected in the ticket count. The overall open ticket count has increased to 49; this count contains an extra 3 documentation/translation tickets, for a total of 35. This means there are 14 substantive tickets blocking a release candidate -- which is the same as last week.

Although the number of substantive tickets is the same as last week, there has been progress. Several tickets were closed during the week, but an equal number were opened or re-opened as a result of additional testing. The new issues that have been reported are mostly edge cases that were missed by earlier fixes, such as the special handling required to allow for loading code from eggs.

On a positive note, the serious performance regression reported last week has been fixed. The {% url %} template tag has been modified to avoid backtracking problems during template parsing.

As a result of the new tickets, it's unlikely that we will fix all the RC-blocking bugs by April 19. Therefore, we're going to push back the RC date by another week. This means we are now targeting a release candidate around April 26, with a final release around May 3.

As always -- any and all assistance is most welcome; the more assistance we get, the faster 1.2 will land.

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