Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 6

As with last week, there has been a lot of activity on Django, but this isn't reflected in the overall ticket count. We now have 51 open tickets. However, the good news is that only 8 of these are substantive tickets blocking a release candidate.

Of these final 8 tickets:

  • #12286 doesn't have a test case that can be used to reproduce the problem. Unless someone can provide a test case to reproduce this problem, we will be forced to bump this ticket from the blocking list.
  • #13362 is a test case failure that only affects Python 2.3, and appears to be a problem with the test case, rather than the underlying code.
  • #13339 a problem caused by limitations in Python's strptime() implementation. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy workaround for the problem that doesn't involve duplicating (and fixing) strptime(), and strptime() is a big beast. Unless someone can suggest a brilliant idea, we'll probably have to call this ticket a known limitation, and bump it to a later release.

The remaining 5 tickets all have reasonable known solutions (and working draft patches) - they just require time to apply the fixes.

Although it's entirely possible that we might still make the April 26 deadline, in order to manage expectations, we're going to push the RC date by one more week. Hopefully, this will be the last time we need to extend the deadline. This means we are now targeting a release candidate around May 3, with a final release around May 10.

As always, any and all assistance is most welcome -- especially if you can shed any light on the three problem tickets.

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on April 22, 2010