Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 1

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on March 16, 2010

At the time of our last blog post, there were 120 tickets open. Over the last week, we have purged a bunch of tickets that weren't critical to the release of 1.2, and we have made 50 Subversion commits. There have also been a couple of new tickets added.

As a result of this activity, 84 tickets remain. Of those tickets, 21 are documentation and translation updates. This leaves 63 substantive tickets that need to be addressed before we have a release candidate.

There are three areas in particular that have large ticket counts. Not surprisingly, these areas correspond to the three areas of biggest change in 1.2:

  1. Regressions in query behavior caused by the multi-db refactoring,
  2. Changes in admin behavior caused by the admin javascript improvements, and
  3. Edge cases in localization handling.

Many of these issues are small oversights or minor corrections. However, there are a couple of tickets (for example #13023) that aren't trivial, and will require some significant design work.

As a result, we're going to push back the expected release date by another 2 weeks. This would put an RC1 release around April 5, with a final release around April 12.

To help speed things along, we'll be running a development sprint focused solely on tickets for 1.2; if you'd like to join in, add your name to the list of sprinters on the wiki. We're aiming to sprint either this weekend (March 20/21) or next (March 27/28), depending on which weekend has the best availability for the folks who sign up.

As always -- any and all assistance is most welcome; the more assistance we get, the faster 1.2 will land.

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