Summer of Code 2011

Posted by Jacob Kaplan-Moss on April 25, 2011

We're pleased to announce that once again (for the sixth year running!) Django will be participating in Google's Summer of Code program.

This year we've accepted four very exiting projects:

Template Engine Compilation and Runtime Refactoring - Armin Ronacher

Armin will be working on a new template engine backend that will sit behind both Jinja2 and Django, replacing the current infrastructure but preserving backwards-compatibility. We expect this to improve the speed of Django and Jinja2, especially on Python interpreters with JITs (e.g. PyPy).

Revised form rendering - Gregor M├╝llegger

Gregor will be overhauling Django's form rendering system use templates rather than hardcoded HTML. This should make custom widgets a bit easier, and should generally improve the flexibility and extensibility of the form engine.

Schema Alteration API - Jan Rzepecki

Jan will be adding a schema alteration API to complement Django's current creation APIs, drawing heavily on code from South. This should help make schema migration and alteration libraries far easier to build and may lay the foundation for a built-in migration toolkit.

Composite Fields - Michal Petrucha

Michal will be adding support for composite fields and primary keys into the Django model layer, finally solving one of our longest-standing feature requests.

What's next?

GSoC will kick off properly in late May. If you'd like to follow along, students will be posting weekly updates to the django-developers mailing list, and all code will be developed in public.

It should be another exciting summer for Django!

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