Django 1.3 release schedule - Update 4

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on February 16, 2011

According to our most recent release schedule, we should have published our release candidate this week. However, this hasn't happened.

This is mostly due to last week's security release. Preparing a security release has diverted resources that would have otherwise been used to work on the release candidate. In addition, the act of putting out a release candidate has increased the number of eyeballs on the code, which resulted in a number of new release-blocking issue reports. These issues have (with one exception) been resolved, but this does mean that we're not as far along as we had hoped.

Therefore, we're going to push the release by another week. This should allow us to resolve the blocker issues, and clear some more of the Ready For Checkin tickets. We are now aiming to produce a release candidate late in the week of February 21, with a final release late in the week of February 28.

As always, any and all assistance is most welcome. Test out the backwards compatibility of the trunk code, try out new features, review patches, edit documentation -- the more assistance we get, the better 1.3 will be.

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