DjangoCon US is less than two weeks away

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on August 21, 2012

DjangoCon US (3rd-8th September), to be held in Washington D.C., is less than two weeks away.

The packed schedule of talks has been posted, as has the list of tutorials to be held on the day before the conference. At the conclusion of formal conference proceedings, we'll be sprinting for 2 days.

The keynote speakers have also been announced. Eric Sterling, President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation will be speaking on the challenge of building platforms for political power and change; Geoff Schmidt, a principal developer of Meteor, will be sharing insights from Meteor's design that could benefit Django and discuss how Meteor and Django can work together to build the real-time APIs of the future; and Selena Deckelmann will be speaking on reforming computer science education.

Tickets are still available. Sign up, join in and enjoy everything that the biggest Django event has to offer.

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