Django 1.4 update

Posted by James Bennett on March 13, 2012

Last week, we issued a release candidate for Django 1.4. Since then, many of the committers have been at PyCon US in Santa Clara, and we've been taking part in the post-conference sprints. At the moment, the queue of release-blocking tickets stands at 10; some of those are release-process issues which will get closed as part of rolling the release, but a couple still need to get in before 1.4 final is issued. Additionally, a look at the development timeline shows that the sprints have been busy -- over 30 commits in the past couple of days.

Given the amount of activity and the last couple of lingering blockers, we're going to hold the 1.4 final release a bit longer for some final shaking-out. The revised release process now looks like this:

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