DjangoCon US 2013 travel grants awarded

Posted by Russell Keith-Magee on August 16, 2013

The financial assistance for DjangoCon US 2013 that the Django Software Foundation announced on July 22 has now been awarded. We owe our thanks to the DSF grants committee, chaired by Lynn Root, who undertook the work of processing the applications and notifying the applicants of the results.

We are happy to say that thanks to The Open Bastion's donation of $10,000 in free registrations, and with the addition of almost $4,000 of DSF funding towards travel and accommodation, 13 people will be going to Chicago who otherwise would not have been able to make the trip. Many thanks to the individual and corporate donors that made a financial contribution to the DSF that made these grants possible.

We look forward to seeing these grant recipients, and the rest of the Django community, in Chicago in September.

We also hope that we can continue to grow the funding for financial assistance and keep future DjangoCon events as affordable as possible.

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